Sex dolls in a sexless marriage


My wife a I have been married for 3 years and our sex life together seemed to plummet on our wedding day. Before we got married, we had sex almost every other day, but now it’s like every two months. I am horny all the time! I was losing my mind and started daydreaming about having sex with other women. I’ve tried everything from talking about it, counseling, asking for her libido to be checked, keeping the house clean and running errands for her, sending flowers and loving texts while she works, and more. Without any job, I definitely wouldn’t cheat, and I don’t want to, but have considered, divorce. I tried to talk about getting a sex doll but was immediately shut down. Could it be wrong to get a sex doll and hide it? I desperately need some advice on what to do? I don’t want a divorce, I love my wife, but I’m sinking into depression and grudges; it makes me feel either divorced or miserable.