How to properly clean a sex doll after use

All of us love our precious possessions, especially our sex dolls. With the latest advancements in the sex doll industry, such as fabrication using high-quality silicon and TEP, and the addition of stainless steel frames that increase their flexibility and agility, we’ve grown to love them. But more often, a question keeps lingering in our minds, “How do I clean my sex doll after use”? In today’s article, we’ll guide how to do this in the best way possible.
Cleaning sex dolls with a vaginal douche Also known as a douche, a vaginal douche is the perfect tool for cleaning your sex doll after every use. To use them properly, you’ll need to fill them with a mixture of sanitizing soap and water. Insert the upper end of the irrigator into the doll’s vagina and press gently to splash the liquid on the vaginal walls. Let the soap sit for a while, then use Luke’s warm water to properly sanitize the area before another round of cleaning.
 How to clean a sex doll vagina

Once you’ve done this, take care to dry the entire area with a soft cloth or a breeze from a hair dryer.

These products are readily available at any sex toy store, and all you need to use them properly is a place to put the doll so the water drains properly and doesn’t leave a mess. See the sex doll video for how to properly clean a sex doll vagina video.

2. Use loofah to clean sex dolls

We’ve all heard of loofah. These cotton, spongy and soft materials are used by those around them to regularly cleanse their bodies. But we all know that what works for you won’t work for your sex doll, so we recommend buying a loofah.

This product has extra cleaning power and you can easily insert it into the vagina of the doll for a thorough cleaning. It’s so easy to use, you just soak it in warm water before inserting it into the doll for a thorough cleaning.

It is important to clean your sex doll after each use. Doing this regularly will not only help you extend the life of your beloved property, but it will also keep it clean every time you want to have a good time.