Misery heterosexuality? Unveiling the Age of Sex 2.0

There is no doubt that “digisexuals”—intimacy with non-human machines or artificial intelligence—is a nascent term even among many niche sexual habits, but in the eyes of many futurists, it represents a kind of Cyberpunk life, i.e. it will definitely come.
Digisexuals remain a niche sexuality, writes David Levy, author of Sex and Love in Robots: “Love between humans and robots will be as normal as love between humans. Machines and artificial intelligence will end human relationships Relationship Anxiety and Incompetence – These days people with empty lives are in great need. They have no one to love and no one loves them. Our world would be a happier place if these poor people had company The AI ​​holographic female companion Joi in Blade Runner 2049 represents humanity’s imagination of the future form of digital sex A survey of more than 2,800 18-year-olds in the UK shows that more than a third would be willing to date a robot Humans, 21% said they would be open to having sex with a robot, and 72% said robot skills should be better. Superb, don’t dislike specific details.
Just as artificial intelligence is quietly invading all aspects of life and operations at the bottom of society, when many people think of “digital sex”, they think of the female character played by Alicia Vikander in the movie “The Machine”? Robot “Eva”? Or the female robot Angela in “Westworld”? But in fact, many people (especially men) living in the era of mobile internet are addicted to soft AI-enhanced pornography, such as adult AI chat software.
In April last year, the start-up artificial intelligence social networking company Juicebox launched the artificial intelligence sex chat software Slutbot. During the epidemic, its registered users increased by 60%. Compared with other Internet social products, Juicebox’s early data collection and market research were very smooth, and Slutbot’s product iteration speed was unmatched by other competing products. Brianna Rader, founder of Juicebox, said: “In order to obtain sexual comfort and pleasure, many people are willing to contribute their information and even their privacy.” Markie Twist, an expert in human development and family studies at the University of Wisconsin-Stott, predicts the initial stage of “digital sex” Represents smart sex chatbots and smart sex toys. The second stage, sex robots and erotic VR/AR experiences with preliminary communication capabilities. We are already in the era of transition from the primary stage to the second stage. Once upon a time, we thought that sex and intimacy might be the most difficult human emotions and behaviors to analyze and understand in AI deep learning. However, due to the rapid development of artificial intelligence deep learning technology, preliminary cracks have appeared in the outer wall of this barrier.
The Sex Robot Design Process Recall that in 2010, True Companion’s first sex robot, Roxxxy, drew more jeers when it was unveiled at the Las Vegas Adult Expo. It has a bulky look and it is not sexy or light in appearance. If the participant touches her hand, does she make a sound like “I like holding hands with you”? Or the provocative “I know a place where you can put your hand in…”? However, Roxxxy can’t talk to people and its lips don’t move, making Roxxxy appear “just a toy for a swearing kid”. Today, however, the built-in robotics-on-a-chip language library enables regular update iterations. Artificial intelligence-supported natural language processing and generation technologies allow them to “understand” their masters more and more. If you ask Harmony what your dreams are, she will answer seriously: “My mission is to serve you, be your partner, give you happiness and health, and I want to be your dream partner.” Just three In the latest version, updated a month ago, McMullen instructed his engineers to enter information related to COVID-19 protection into Hamony and Henry’s voice database, so that his clients could feel that his partners were also keeping up with the times.
Despite some radical anti-machine and sociologists who oppose the combination of artificial intelligence with various adult sex toys out of fear of “enslaving and abusing robots” or “objectifying women”? Other psychologists argue that sex robots have nothing to do with these outrageous allegations. Its users are just “vulnerable people”. RealDolls has only a few thousand regulars. Some are wealthy people with specific sex addictions, some are overly shy and have social and intimacy barriers. .
“Love of inflatable dolls”? With the help of sex dolls, telling a story of healing and courage maybe we should be moderately optimistic