4 Tips for Choosing Your First Sex Doll

Sex is the love of a man’s life, men never grow up, it’s just that their sex toys are getting bigger and more expensive.
Fantasy Milf Real American Love Doll 158cm – Sandra As men grow older, men like to be alone more and more, men must understand this feeling, shut themselves in a closed space to catch their breath, masturbate their penis with both hands and release them of negative emotions.
It’s no exaggeration to say that when a man’s life semen spews out, this moment makes a man’s heart elated. After an orgasm, every man goes back to the most rational time of day.

And high-end sex dolls are such male masturbators, you won’t forget them after you buy them, but not all sex dolls can bring an extraordinary experience. If you are a new player, first contact, then you need to have more choices. It cannot be simply said that the one with outstanding functions, high appearance and high price is the best. After all, for mass players, cost performance is the most important choice!
158cm Full Size TPE Realistic Silicone Sex Doll – Madonna1. There is no such thing as the best sex doll: There is no such thing as the best sex doll, like you go to the hospital and ask the doctor what medicine is best. I think the doctor might think you’re here for trouble. In fact, there is no absolute standard for anything in reality. Everything is the best, only for you. Otherwise, there would not be so many styles of sex dolls.
2. It’s not that more expensive sex dolls are better: the more expensive is better theory is not true for sex dolls. In the early years, people’s consumption concept has always been “cheap is not delicious, really cheap”? But now we pay more attention to the price. Because some expensive things may not be suitable for you, and what is suitable for you may not be expensive.
3. The sex dolls of big brands are not necessarily better than small brands: For big brands, most of the reason for this brand is that they entered the industry earlier, mastered most of the industry resources, and successfully promoted several popular machines type. It’s not that big brands don’t have shortcomings, they must be good.
4. The body of the doll cannot be too high: It is wrong to equate the experience with the height of the doll. There are many dolls on the market, and the dolls sold by the store have good visual effects. All dolls are tall and have a proud bust. This is because most businesses use tall dolls when shooting footage to accentuate the doll’s beauty. However, we try not to choose sex dolls with a height of more than 170cm when purchasing, because the weight of sex dolls will put pressure on many newbies, and those with very strong arms are not included in this list.
158cm (5~) beautiful and realistic female sex doll – Zita Therefore, when choosing your first sex doll, be sure to pay attention to the above points. Suitable for you, cost-effective. These two elements are a must when we buy other products, and buying sex dolls is no exception. It is recommended to choose sex dolls made of silicone and TPE. This combination not only satisfies the user experience, but also feels the beauty of the details of the high-fidelity head carving. The best of both worlds!
Bringing comfort and self-release with both hands, this man’s innate ability, now ushered in a revolutionary moment, a sex doll combined with human intelligence, we no longer need to grasp with calloused hands The penis, the most delicate skin, is rubbed dry by the upper layers.
158cm (5?? One? Hot big breasts sex doll? AzubahSex doll makes male sexual stimulation reach an unprecedented orgasm. Those who have experienced sex dolls should know that they don’t want to play. Insert the vagina and pull it out, no one will forget it , The vagina channel design of real women’s replica is closer to the real experience, and you can deeply feel the impact of sex again and again!